Meet the team - Mike Dunn

23rd June 2023

Meet Mike Dunn, the driving force behind Helicraft Australia as our esteemed Managing Director and Chief Pilot. With over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry, Mike brings a higher level of expertise in aviation management to our team.

Throughout his impressive career, Mike has held senior positions such as Chief Pilot, Head of Training Operations, Chief Flying Instructor, General Manager, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer. He has successfully overseen the execution of tens of thousands of flight hours, collaborating with pilots from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, ensuring utmost safety and excellence.

As a holder of a CASA Grade One Flight Instructor rating and the esteemed level of CASA Flight Examiner certification for helicopter licenses, including Commercial, Sling, Night VFR, and Multi-engine helicopters, Mike possesses the skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive training and conduct meticulous assessments. 

For almost two decades Mike has been involved in aerial firefighting operations in both management and piloting roles. He has flown on many of Australia’s major firefighting campaigns including the “Black Saturday” disaster and was a pioneering figure in night aerial firebombing aided by the use of NVG’s in type 2 multiengine helicopters.  In recent times Mike has assisted in providing essential helicopter flood relief throughout regional Victoria. 

Mike is well-versed in low-level operations and advanced emergency training, he holds a Command Multi-engine Helicopter Instrument Rating with a Grade One Night Vision Goggle rating. He also an extensive list of various helicopter type ratings and endorsements to his name. 

Mike's expertise extends beyond training and assessment. His unique ability to identify knowledge and skill gaps, deliver targeted training, and facilitate seamless transitions into operational roles has made him a highly sought-after consultant for organizations seeking guidance in pilot training and management. He prioritizes matching pilots with specific tasks and ensuring that aircraft are superbly maintained and configured to meet clients' precise requirements. Safety, reliability and sustainability are the cornerstones of Mike's approach to aviation operations.

With Mike's wealth of experience, unwavering commitment to safety, professionalism, and dedication to client satisfaction, he plays a pivotal role in the Helicraft team's ability to provide exceptional aviation services. We are privileged to have his expertise and leadership as we strive to deliver top-quality training, management, and operational solutions to our valued clients.

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