Private Helicopter Pilot Licence Training Course - PPL(H)

Take to the skies with family and friends and explore Australia like never before.


Tailored PPL Courses In Melbourne

A PPL(H) is for those who are passionate about flying, but do not wish to start a career. The PPL(H) will allow you to fly any helicopter you complete a flight review in, and take your friends and family on tours exploring the country.

We tailor this course to your needs and learning style, with emphasis on training for the places you are likely to go, like tourist destinations, private properties, and various airspaces. At the completion of the course you will be a qualified helicopter pilot, with the knowledge and experience needed to start your dream. You will also be able to hire out our beautiful helicopters for private use and begin your adventures! *Conditions apply.

Our Team of Flight Instructors

Our friendly team of instructors have an extensive range of industry experience including; tourism, charter, agricultural work, news, firefighting, utilities, aerial crane, survey, exploration, search and rescue.

We strive to stay up to date with the latest training and safety practices and apply them to our personal and professional development, and we encourage our students to do the same.

Course Overview

PPL(H) Training Course Curriculum

For the Private Pilot Licence training we provide both practical and theory tuition across the 7 categories of aviation theory. In order to complete the PPL(H) course, students must pass an exam from these 7 categories. You can undertake this theory exam in house with our CASA approved examination facility.

Complete 40 hours of flight training

In order to complete the PPL(H) course, students will need to complete a minimum 35 hours of flight training in a helicopter. These lessons will teach the fundamentals of flying. This includes learning how to control movements, correct seating position, and understanding the controls of the aircraft. Throughout the training students will also learn hovering techniques, emergency procedures and navigation. *At-least 40 hours of piloting a helicopter, further conditions apply.

Course Structure

The course of training can be summarised in four stages:

Core skills  

  • Normal procedures 

  • Upper air handling 

  • Hovering 

  • Take off/ land 

  • Circuits 

  • Navigation

Emergency procedures  

  • Auto rotation

  • Jammed flight controls

  • Cockpit indications

  • Aerodynamic emergencies

  • Emergencies at low altitude

Solo experience  

  • Circuits

  • Training area

  • Navigation

Revision and advanced skills

  • Revise core skills

  • Emergencies

  • Off field landings

Trial Introductory Flight (TIF)

Duration: 2 hours (Pre-flight briefing plus 40minutes flight time)

From: $400 per person

This is where it all begins! Regardless of which licence you intend to do or how far you plan to go with your flying career it all starts with the first lesson.

You may even just want to give a go once- just to see what it’s like. There is no obligation to continue, the only thing you can get wrong is not to try.


If you go on to complete the next stage of your training, the cost of your TIF will be fully refunded to your training account. That means that you may end up paying nothing for your first lesson!

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Additional Course Requirements

Obtain a Class 2 Medical Certificate

A Class 2 medical certificate standard applies to both Private Pilot Licence and Recreational Pilot Licence holders. Depending on the Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAMEs), Class 2 medical certificates can be granted on the spot. This certificate is valid for four years for applicants under the age of 40 on the day of the examination. For pilots who are over 40 on the day, they will be required to complete this test every two years.

Undertake an English language proficiency assessment

In order to obtain your Private Pilot licence, you will need to complete a English Language proficiency exam. This can be done with Helicraft Australia or at an approved language centre by CASA.

PPL(H) Theory Examinations

In order to complete your Private Pilot Licence training, you must pass one PPLH theory exam, the exam includes the 7 subjects from the CPL course.

Each subject is taught in addition to the practical lessons. The exam requires a minimum of 70% pass rate.

Aerodynamics Exam

Covers the fundamental aerodynamics knowledge for helicopters. The subject includes topics such as; characteristics of aerofoils, aircraft design techniques for desirable effects, aerodynamic hazards and many more.

Flight Rules & Air Law

Includes many topics such as; use of relevant legal documents, privileges and limitations o f pilot licences, rules of the sky, flight planning considerations, radio procedures, and helicopter rules.


Outlines the flight planning process, considerations and techniques for navigation. The exam is written for aeroplanes but translates well to helicopter navigation planning.


Is for helicopters and aeroplanes, covering topics such as; decoding aeronautical weather forecasts, applying forecast information to flight planning requirements, and understanding weather phenomena that may be encountered in flight.

Operations, Performance & Planning

This exam includes principals and requirements to ensure the aircraft is operated within its limitations, aircraft performance calculations, centre of gravity calculations, and planning considerations.

Aircraft General Knowledge

Includes topics such as engine operation principals, engine monitoring systems, aircraft handling and navigation instruments, and general operation of aircraft systems.

Human Factors

Covers topics such as physiological and psychological limitations that relate to aviation safety management.

FAQs About The PPL Course

Where Can I Fly With a Private Pilot Licence?

The private pilot licence is an internationally recognised qualification and allows you to fly in Australia and its territories. However, by obtaining this licence you are not allowed to fly for financial benefit or reward.

Do I Need Previous Experience to Start the Private Pilot Licence Course?

No prior experience is necessary to start the Private Pilot Licence course. However, we do suggest taking part in our Trial Introductory Flight. This will enable you to get a feel for the aircraft, have a go at taking over the controls as well as performing a few basic manoeuvres. At the completion of the flight we can discuss training options and if you would like to continue.

What is The Minimum Age to Obtain Your PPL(H) Licence?

In order to obtain the PPL(H) licence, you must be at least 17 years or older. However you can begin learning if you can reach the controls, and you are flying with an instructor for the purpose of flight training.

How Do I Maintain My PPL(H) Licence?

In order to maintain your licence, you will need to have a flight review completed every two years. In addition to this, if you are flying with passengers you will need to meet the recency experience requirement of 3 take-offs and landings within the previous 90 days, or a flight with an approved instructor.

Can I Go On to Obtain a CPL(H) after Completing the PPL(H)?

Yes, hours completed throughout your Private Pilot Licence training can be used towards the completion of your CPL(H). All theory exams will have to be completed in addition to the extra flight hours required in order to obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence.

How Often Should I Fly When Learning My PPL(H)?

We understand that our students have work/life commitments, so we generally recommended students aim to participate in one lesson a week. This will assist in retaining information and avoid repeating lesson content.

Course Fees & Requirements

  • Casual Flight training rate starts at $580*/hr

  • *refer to T&C regarding aircraft pricing.

  • Cadetship and flexible payment options available.

  • Theory training is available at $80/hr for private tuition or $5100 for the 7 subjects’ if you choose the class-room training.

How To Apply For The PPL(H) Course?

To start training visit us at 20 First Avenue, Moorabbin Airport, book a Trial introduction flight or your first lesson by calling 1800 HELICRAFT (1800 435 427) or emailing



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