Professional Helicopter Pilot Training based in Melbourne

Helicraft Flight Training is based at Moorabbin Airport and offers bespoke training tailored for the specific needs of each student in accordance with CASA rules and requirements.

Helicopter Training Types & Qualifications

Our Helicopter Pilot Training is a sought-after service for new students as well as experienced pilots looking to expand their knowledge. Whether it is a private or commercial licence, endorsement or instructor rating, our training offers a first class advanced flight training regime.

Lead by our Managing Director and Chief Pilot, Mike Dunn, with 25 years in the industry, along with our line instructors who typically have more than ten years experience and have logged thousands of hours of flight time, Helicraft aims to give premium training services in the following fields:

Commercial Pilot's Licence

Designed for students looking to pursue a career within the aviation industry. This course requires 105 hours of flight time required to complete the training. After the course is complete we provide opportunities for graduates to find commercial work with leading aviation.

Private Pilot's Licence

Designed for students who do not wish to pursue a career in aviation but are keen enthusiasts. This licence type allows you to travel with family and friends. This course requires 50 hours to complete.

Recreational Pilot's Licence

The simplest way to get flying in a helicopter either by yourself or with friends and family. This licence type requires a minimum of 25 hours to complete the training.


Additional Endorsements Available

Night VFR Rating:

The night VFR rating permits pilots to fly at night using Visual Meteorological Conditions. requirement in order to complete their task.

Low Level Rating

Permits a pilot to conduct low level operations and is a highly sought after skill to have on your licence. Endorsements include;

  • Sling (External Load)

  • Winch & Rappel

Instructor Ratings

  • Grades 1,2 and 3

  • NVFR Training Endorsement

  • Low Level Training Endorsement

  • Class Type and Design Feature Training Endorsements

Design Feature Endorsements

  • Gas Turbine (GTE)

  • Float Undercarriage (Fixed or Popout)

Aerial Application Rating

  • Fire H (Fire Bombing)

Multi Engine Helicopter Rating

  • AS355 Ratings

Trial Introductory Flight (TIF)

Duration: 2 hours (Pre-flight briefing plus 40minutes flight time)

From: $400 per person

This is where it all begins! Regardless of which licence you intend to do or how far you plan to go with your flying career it all starts with the first lesson.

You may even just want to give a go once- just to see what it’s like. There is no obligation to continue, the only thing you can get wrong is not to try.


If you go on to complete the next stage of your training, the cost of your TIF will be fully refunded to your training account. That means that you may end up paying nothing for your first lesson!

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FAQs About Our Courses

What age do you have to be to start flying?

You can start learning as soon as you can reach the controls. In Australia, to obtain a Student Licence you must be a minimum of 16 years old (similar to a drivers licence). For each type of helicopter class there are different age restrictions. For a Private Helicopter Licence you must be a minimum of 17 years old, and 18 years old for a Commercial Helicopter Licence.

Do I need a medical certificate to start flying?

Each helicopter licence type requires a different medical certificate before you can start flying. For a commercial licence, pilots must obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate. This test requires a full examination by a designated Aviation Ophthalmologist or Credential Optometrist. Private licence requires a class 2 medical certificate which does not have any special requirements. Recreational licence types can obtain either a class 2 medical certificate or can use a Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioners Certificate.

What is the difference between license types?

Each licence type serves a very different purpose. A commercial licence is suitable for pilots looking for a career within the aviation industry. Private licence is for pilots who only wish to fly with family and friends exploring the country. Recreational licence is for local enjoyment as this licence has restrictions on the number of passengers and distance you can travel.

Is my instructor experienced?

Our instructors each have over 10 years experience with thousands of hours logged working in a variety of roles throughout the helicopter industry. Our team is qualified to train students across private, commercial and recreational licences, along with a wide range of ratings and endorsements.

How much time to I have to invest before I earn my pilot's license?

Each licence has different hours required to complete the course. The commercial licence takes 105 hours flight training to complete with the last 30 hours completed within a 90 day period. Our pilots licence course takes 50 hours to complete and our recreational licence takes 25 hours to finish.

Can I still fly if I am colour blind?

Yes, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in Australia does not restrict colour blind pilots from flying. Provided you pass an exam by an aviation medical examiner.



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