Aerial Frost Prevention Services Victoria

Protect your vineyard, orchard and crops from frosty conditions throughout Victoria this Spring with Aerial Frost Protection.


Safeguard Your Crops From Frost

Our team is ready to work with you to develop an aerial frost prevention solution combined with your overall frost mitigation program. This will help to provide peace of mind in what can be a very stressful period for growers in protecting your crops from frost.

What Is Aerial Frost Protection?

Helicopter Frost Protection Operations involve the use of the helicopter rotor downwash to mix the air during Frost Protection. Frosts (as opposed to freezing conditions) occur on clear, still nights where surface radiation results in the cooling of the lower levels of the atmosphere. Cloud cover will normally reflect heat, so that cooling by radiation is less than on clear nights.

Similarly, wind mixes the air close to the surface so that temperatures may not drop low enough to damage crops. When fruit trees or vines are flowering and the fruit is setting, frosts can have a devastating effect on the crop. A single heavy frost can completely wipe out an orchard. Therefore, the helicopter down wash is used to mix the air, preventing the cold air developing into frost conditions.

Qualified For Day & Night Operations

All our pilots have many years of Aerial Work experience with thousands of flight hours logged. Our team is fully qualified along with the wide range of ratings and endorsements required to conduct both day and night operations at low level.

Cost Effective Solutions

Helicopters may seem like a high cost option but are often considered miniscule when compared to the cost of losing large portions of a valuable crop. Every effort is made to deliver our services at high value and low cost. We use a tiered and flexible approach to frost protection which ensures a cost effective service is available to you when you need us most.

FAQs About Helicopter Frost Protection

Is Helicopter Frost Protection Safe?

Yes, Safety is our first priority. Our team will take you through our safety plan prior to any operations being conducted.

Is Helicopter Frost Protection Really Effective?

Whilst nothing can be absolutely guaranteed, helicopters are used with great effect throughout the world and are widely considered to be one of the best solutions for the prevention of frost damage.

Does Our Property Need Any Special Approvals To Have Helicopters Operating At It?

Helicraft Australia is fully approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to conduct helicopter frost prevention operations. Most rural properties fall into the type of local government zoning that allows for essential agricultural operations to be conducted by aircraft as and when required.

What Time Of Day Can Frost Protection Operations Be Conducted?

Whilst the helicopter can be operated at any time of day or night, most frost risk events occur in the early hours of the morning until after day break when the sun comes up and starts warming the crop.

What Equipment Will I Need To Provide?

Aside from some lighting and landing space requirements, Helicraft will provide a complete turn-key operation.

Book Your Frost Protection Service Today

Due to high seasonal demand for this service it is recommended that you contact us well before the frost season in your area. We are always happy to assist where we can and have considerable resources at our disposal, so get in contact with us as soon as possible on 1800 435 427 or email us to reserve your place in our frost management operations.



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